Five Amazing Beverage Gadgets for Every Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen up to date can feel confusing. Learning about a few gadgets will change the way you prepare drinks in the kitchen. You will likely wonder how you got by without these cool kitchen gadgets. In this article, you will learn about five beverage gadgets every kitchen needs.

Control the Temperature of Coffee and Tea

Nothing can ruin a morning faster than cold coffee. Having a rechargeable coffee mug means never having cold coffee again. This amazing device is actually able to control the temperature of coffee and tea. A rechargeable mug is especially great for people that work in cold climates. Insulated cups may warm a beverage for only a small amount of time. Using a rechargeable mug ensure you have a perfect and warm sip no matter what.

A Smart Container Made for Milk

Milk is one of the most popular beverages in the world. If you enjoy milk, you’ve probably experienced the burden of when this beverage spoils. It’s hard to find a more unpleasant smell than expired milk. Milkmaid is a smart container made to report information about the milk it holds. The Milkmaid displays information including expiration alerts.

A Scale and App Designed for Mixing

An invention known as Perfect Drink is part app, part scale, and all fun. Users place a cup on the scale which is synced to an app. This app contains hundreds of drink recipes for someone to try. Once you’ve chosen a recipe, the scale measures each ingredient in real time. Perfect Drink is so advanced that it will automatically readjust the recipe if you pour too much.

Keep Your Drink Cooler with Spirit Steels

Many people think that ice is the most effective way to cool a drink. Recent innovations to beverage gadgetry have included metal cooling cubes. These cubes have been found to keep a drink cool longer than ice. Spirit Steels are large metal balls placed within a beverage cup. The design and materials of Spirit Steels make them absorb heat six to ten times better than other metal cooling objects.

Combine a Speaker and Beverage Container with Dubstein

Music and having a few drinks often pair together well. The Dubstein is large beverage container with an internally connected speaker. This speaker enables a user to stream music using Bluetooth technology. The use of Bluetooth with the Dubstein enables someone to take a call through the attached speaker. Many people will find the Dubstein to be a huge hit during parties, cookouts, and other events.

In summary, there are several gadgets every kitchen needs to have. A rechargeable mug is great for keeping a beverage warm at all times, while the Milkmaid ensures you never have to smell or accidentally drink spoiled milk again. The Perfect Drink measures and weighs each ingredient in a recipe and Spirit Steels effectively cool a drink much better than ice cubes. Lastly, Dubstein combines music and beverage technology into one amazing device.