5 Reasons Why You Need an Air Purifier in a Party Hall

Everything is contaminated today – whetherit is land, water or air. This contamination leads to a myriad of problems. The depleting air quality has resulted in increased allergies among the people. Today, nearly one in every two people in the country exhibit some kind of allergic response according to an estimate. This allergic response is predominantly due to some environmental factor and the allergens responsible for these allergies are 50% airborne.

Those who are allergic are always concerned about the quality of the air they breathe. At homes and offices, you can install a good air purifier. But, what would you do if you have to go out to attend some party? You have to breathe in the air that is around there.

Here are some strong reasons why a good air purifier is required in party halls.

  • There are a lot of people confined to small space in these halls. Airborne flu virus particles can have their day moving from person to person through sneezing and coughing.
  • It’s common for many people to smoke cigars at parties. Though most party halls have separate smoking areas, the smell could still linger around once the smokers step back into the hall after smoking. This could be suffocating for the other people in the hall. Having an air purifier installed in the party hall can ensure that everyone can breathe in pure air, especially those with sensitive respiratory problems.
  • Cities are often engulfed in a thick blanket of smog these days owing to various reasons like forest fires, burning of crops etc. India’s air quality is one of the worst in the world according to global air pollution data. It worsens during months when the temperature dips and there is high humidity with low wind speed. Attending functions during such times triggers allergy attacks if the party halls do not have good and strong air purifiers in place.
  • Party halls are closed environments and if they are airconditioned then the same air keeps circulating indoors in the absence of an air purifier. There are large gatherings at any given point in time and you keep breathing the stale air that picks up virus and bacteria from a number of sources. The bacteria can get into the centralised air conditioning system and cause significant problems to numerous guests. Also, the outdoor contaminants like ozone, nitrogen dioxide, dust, and particulate matter seeps into these party halls easily.
  • Party halls have carpets, sofas etc. The dust mites, which are microscopic organisms, thrive in such areas. They can easily trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. Though the maintenance staffs vacuum these areas, it isstill not always possible to get rid of them completely.

To tackle all these and many more scenarios, the best way is to install a good air purifier with the latest technology in a party hall. It will help in making the air cleaner to breathe.