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king crab legsNothing says indulgence like noshing on some seriously giant Alaskan King Crab legs. You can generally uncover King Crab Legs for sale in the seafood section of your regional supermarket. If your boiling your crab legs add a couple of 12 ounce cans of beer to the water where your boiling the crab legs for wonderfully flavored crab legs. I also sometimes boil peeled and De-viened shrimp in the same water along with the crab legs. If you can’t locate the Old Bay brand use what ever brand of crab boil seasoning they have for sale.

Now, more than the years I’ve gotten comfortable preparing a variety of seafood but, until not too long ago, Alaska King Crab Legs still topped the list of intimidating foods that I had no notion what to do with. Given that that can be a pretty pricey affair, I like to serve King Crab as an appetizer, with 1 leg per person. Dutch Harbor is where most crab boats come from and it is also where most of the King Crab is processed frozen and shipped to the United States and around the planet.

Tip: The legs have spines on the non-smooth side that aren’t really sharp-sharp, but if they bother your hands, nestle the leg in a kitchen towel and snip that way instead. I twist each and every crab leg off the cluster and then I use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut the crab legs open and pull out the meat. Anytime I show these legs to men and women they are flabbergasted with how Huge they are, and they are so sweet and tasty! There are about 121 species of the prickly, cold water King Crab scrambling around in the seas. You will need to have to cover the pot and steam your frozen crab legs for about ten minutes or till they are fully heated. But since the blue king turns red when cooked, most customers can’t inform the difference.king crab legs

King crab ought to be added to stews and soups around the last 5 minutes of the cooking approach. If you want to republish this recipe, please rewrite the recipe in your personal unique words and hyperlink back to Classic King Crab on Simply Recipes. These crabs are regarded as to be the ideal cherished for their gigantic claws and legs which offer such luscious, tender white meat. Usually accessible in Nov-Dec.), Blue King Crab (a true solid 2nd alternative) and Brown King Crab (Most readily offered, extremely tiny in comparison and difficult work to get at the meat). Captain Jack’s recommends their gigantic Red king crab, which is best for specific occasions or romantic dinners.

Several people are looking for details about King Crab Legs so we have decided to produce this internet page devoted to give data and share the love” so to speak. As I talked about a number of weeks ago I’ve teamed up with Hy-Vee for the duration of the month of December to highlight Alaska King Crab Legs. When steaming pre-cooked Alaskan king crab legs, merely spot two cups of water and a tablespoon of salt in a pot and bring it to a boil. The ideal and sweetest meat is in the pincher, the hardest to get at, I advise a crab cracker.