A gluten-free alternative present in the market

There are thousands of people who are gluten sensitive which means even a minute amount of gluten consumed by them can cause catastrophic health effects upon them. They have to limit their diet to gluten-free or starch free diet.

Well, not anymore there is an alternative starch compound present in the market which goes by the name “Tapioca” It is kind of a modified starch which serves the same purpose as gluten instead people who are sensitive to gluten will not feel any sensitivity towards Tapioca. Modified Tapioca Starch can be used for various purposes. But first let us ingrain the concept of a modified starch;

Modified Starch

Modified starch is prepared using physical, chemical or enzymatic methods to treat native starch in such a way that it changes its properties. Gluten is starch and has various uses while some people are intolerant and a minute administration can prove to be fatal for such people.

Using a modified starch can prove to be very beneficial while benefiting from various uses of starch intake while preventing its fatal outcomes. Modified Tapioca starch is primarily extracted from cassava root or other hard white grains. Brazilian people widely used it as a sugar replacement. Later on, its various benefits got disclosed to the World.

Accepting Tapioca as a Sugar Alternative

Consumers have become more and more health conscious, and they try to cut carbs and added sugars from their diet as much as possible. Yet they need that sugary and sweet flavour in various foods as well. Modified Tapioca Starch evidently fills up that purpose. They can use this fantastic sugar reduction technique in which sugars are reduced to a few calories by adding a modified starch.

Consumers will still feel the same taste as sucrose or any other sweetener minus loads of unhealthy calories; it is the most advanced discovery made by food scientists. Another turning benefit of using the Modified Tapioca Starch is that when we replace it with the regular refined sugar which we use an innovation among the taste and rich textures start to develop. Many customers regarding sweet products as well as beverages inducing marvellous mouthfeels have been facilitated.

Following are a few key benefits of using this amazingly developed product as a sugar replacement and we have developed this new product called Sweetis DS500 and is manufactured using Modified Tapioca Starch, following are the key benefits;

  1. Tastes like sugar

It will surely taste like sugar but will not provoke high glycaemic index in your body as many carbohydrates do, nor you will have to ingest multiple calories for just taking a sweet feel. You can do that by just putting some amount of this amazing modified Tapioca starch.

  1. Excellent Flowability

You will be able to use this synthetic sugar with fantastic flowability. Which means you won’t have to induce other preparatory operations to get it out of the bottle and start acting as sugar. It is easy to use and will be readily available.

  1. pH and Heat Stable

Another great benefit granted for us by the sugar reduction technique is that this product is stable towards various ranges of pH and massive stability against high temperatures is also present.

  1. Readily Available

As discussed earlier, no particular preparatory operation is needed to start extracting various low calories benefits out of it. It is pre-manufactured and is reality available to serve its purpose whenever you want.

  1. Great Innovative Taste

This product has not only astonished us but also the food community out there when used as a sugar replacement it induced rich texture and sweet mouthfeel among bakery products and beverages.

If you want to stay healthy, fit or slim then using modified Tapioca starch is your best bet. Cut out non-essential carbohydrates from your diet and start using this amazing product. Not only you will stay healthy and smart, but will also experience a magnificent texture and sweet taste among your foods without any excessive guilt of using actual sugar.