The Worst Foods for Your Teeth & Gums

We all want a healthy bright smile but did you know that certain foods that you may be enjoying are actually doing serious harm to your teeth and gums? Before you reach for your next snack you need to stop and think what it might be doing to your teeth and gums. According to a health article, some of the foods that you should avoid eating because they are bad for your teeth and gums include: foods high in acidic (lemons, tomatoes, pickles, coffee, alcohol), sugars and acids (causes plaques build-up), sticky and chewy foods (cause bacteria to develop), high in sugar (soft drinks, candies, dried fruit, jams, cereal), refined carbohydrates and starchy foods (white bread, pasta, potatoes), hard food that causes you to chew (hard candy, ice, un-popped popcorn), and foods that dry out your month (coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, medicine). In another mouth health article, it complemented the first article by reiterating the eight worst foods you can put in your mouth which are: bread, sour candies, alcohol, ice, carbonated drinks, citrus, dried fruit, and potato chips.

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